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First Visit

Prior to your initial visit please complete the “Patient information” form, “Financial policies” form, “Dental insurance information” form, and “Acknowledgement of receipt of notice of privacy practices”. These forms are available in the forms tab of this website. These ideally should be completed online prior to your appointment and once completed they will be securely submitted to our office. If needed, we can mail out these forms. Please bring along your referral form and any x-rays you have been given to your initial appointment.

Upon your initial visit, the dental assistant will seat you, check your blood pressure and check through your registration and medical information.

The Periodontist will then listen closely to your concerns and perform a comprehensive oral/periodontal evaluation. X-rays may need to be taken to allow us to assess your condition and plan treatment.

Using this information, they will carefully review their findings with you. This discussion will include specific treatment recommendations, alternative options, and suggestions on how to prevent further problems.

Our Periodontists are conservative Periodontists, who approach each case by considering the most effective and minimally invasive treatment options first. It is our belief that all patients should be well educated as to their conditions and treatment options in order to make an informed decision regarding their healthcare. These treatment options will also be communicated to your referring dentist. We feel that good communication builds trust, aides in reducing dental anxiety, and relieves much of the stress associated with visiting a specialist.

Once all of your questions have been answered, you will meet with our patient care coordinator, who will discuss the financial, insurance and scheduling requirements with you.

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